Ion Hazzikostas From World Of Warcraft Dev Team Discusses with WIRED Game’s Evolution

Ion Hazzikostas From World Of Warcraft Dev Team Discusses with WIRED Game’s Evolution.

In a interview with WIRED done recently, Wow Game Supervisor Ion Hazzikostas offered
his ideas on the advancement of WoW and the ever-changing world of MMORPGs.

The short article notes in the earlier days of WoW, the “appropriate means to play the game” wasn’t always made clear. As a number of you know, you would certainly need to stand in the center of town and try to see if any other player wanted to group up with you.

Ion said on this regarding to that:

“There were no rules. There was no right or wrong way to play. Just you and your pet wolf, as a hunter, trying to make your way in the world and figure things out from there.”

As the interview went on, it points out that over the years, the game’s systems started to improve. That means, leveling up your character ended up being much faster. Therefore, the completion, as well as experience of impressive raid bosses, were something just a couple of gamers at first experienced.

“Epic raid bosses were something only a small percentage of the playerbase got to experience. Today, a large share—something like over half—were able to defeat the biggest multiplayer raid encounters the game has.”

The interview continues, covering off subjects like social conversation, guides, walkthroughs, wikis, and WoW is to various players.

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