Warframe Nightwave 3 Released on PC and Console

Warframe Nightwave 3 Released on PC and Console.

The new episode of Nightwave 3 is currently ready for both PC and also consoles Warframe client. You’ll be tasked with tracking the Glassmaker, an enigmatic serial killer that leaves a path of crystallized bodies in his trail.

And also in case you missed it, the team shared extra details on TennoCon 2020 Digital Event throughout a recent online stream. The group pointed out that June will bring even more Nightwaves, with the Deadlock Protocol set up for May.

The Glassmaker provides 30 levels of instant every day, weekly, as well as elite once a week benefits consisting of must-have exclusives such as Cephalon cosmetics, Operator devices, Nora Night’s Landing Craft, and also much more. Additionally offered with Nightwave 3 is Ash’s 2nd Deluxe Collection, including his new trademark skins for the Cremata Syadana and Causta Bow, according to the accompanying patch notes.

Furthermore, TennoCon 2020 Digital Event was set up for July. The group additionally checked out an upcoming Hard setting, which would enhance opponent levels, yet reward you better loot and also XP.

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