Warframe ‘The Deadlock Protocol’ Will Be Published On PC This Week

Warframe’s newest update, The Deadlock Protocol, will be published on PC this week.

The update is meant to include brand-new visuals, an original story, redesigned gameplay, and even more changes to the early environments of the game. The Deadlock Protocol tells the origin of the Corpus and presents it by way of incorporating reshaped scenarios and also new gameplay elements.

Corpus early locations will receive updates as well as the gameplay. New trials will be presented, including a brand-new Jackal boss fight with includes several sequences. Also, you’ll be entrusted with investigating the Corpus Faction’s tactic to interrupt their board’s political in-fighting.

You’ll find out that a small Corpus sub-faction has begun an evil plan to reanimate the faction’s creator, a rebirth being a brand-new risk to the Origin System’s balance. Also, you’ll have the ability to examine Protea’s origin tale where you can uncover highly advanced weapons from the new Corpus Armor Set. These consist of Primary Rifle to the Gunblade Melee, brand-new Kitguns throughout the update as suggested by the news release.

The Deadlock Protocol will be published on PC first, then consoles. It will be a free update.  You can check the trailer down below:

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