New Godfall Trailer Showcasing PC Gameplay Of The Incoming Looter Slasher

Godfall has released a brand-new trailer showcasing PC gameplay of the incoming looter slasher. Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox, the upcoming game makes you one of the last Valorian knights, masters of close quarter combat. The gameplay displayed introduces the realistic melee fighting of what the developers are calling a “first-of-its-kind looter-slasher.”

Game Director Keith Lee described the two minute extended trailer. Lee shows players the world of Godfall, called Aperion. Loot is significant in Godfall, where players are searching for items named Valorplates, armor sets that give you the power to become masters at melee combat. You’ll even have the ability to use several weapon types, from longswords to huge warhammers intended to ravage your opponents.

You can take a look at the gameplay in the trailer below. Godfall is coming this Holiday 2020 to PC and PlayStation 5, but no price or specific date has been specified as of this date. MMOBEEP will keep an eye on the title and let you know as soon as we find out anything new about it.

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