New World Late Night Patch Restores Outpost Rush And Tries To Address Players Encounters


New World Late Night Patch Restores Outpost Rush And Tries To Address Players Encounters.

MMOBEEP found that New World came down for maintenance an hour ago at 10 PM PST, specifically. Patch 1.0.4 will be added to the game throughout the maintenance to fix most of the well-known issues in the game so far.

First, server transfers for the US West server will be brought back, and, maybe, other servers will follow suit sometime later. Second, the Outpost Rush Mode will be reactivated. This will be done part by part and not all at once, so you’ll want to look at the provided schedule to know when your server region will have the mode back, depending on the problems the dev team might run into, which may delay things.

There are a bunch of other fixes also being added. These include fixes for an AoE magic War exploit that let players obtain points while receiving no damage from AoE magic, a taxes problem with your level one houses, a faction token cap raise, removing the Everfall starting beach to increase further the possibilities that friends who are playing together will appear in the exact starting locations, many fixes for invincibility bugs, and more.

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