Albion Online Hellgates changes introduced with Call To Arms update


Albion Online Hellgates changes introduced with Call To Arms update. 

Going into Albion Online Hellgates can be pretty fun or even quite rewarding. It’ll be even more fun now that the Call to Arms update is launched and with it a revamp of the game’s Hellgates, with a new dispatch from the development team specifying the changes coming to the content

Rather than killing specific demons to open a hell gate, players will now be able to open Hellgates using Hellgate maps. You can get by crafting or from a random chest, with players needing to find the perfect group before opening the Hellgate and taking part in the brand new challenges.

There are also brand new challenges you can find scattered around, some brand new map layouts, a brand new lava mechanic who will be putting pressure on several teams in the same area, and brand new demons to go against. 

Successful completion provides tons of rewards, so players will be inspired to take on these challenging battles if they weren’t already inspired by the diverse amount of brand new art that can be found inside the Hellgates. Take a look at the full rundown in the video listed down below, or you may read the summary instead. 

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