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World of Warcraft, WoW for short, is Blizzard Entertainment‘s impressive 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the Warcraft universe. The game was launched on November 23, 2004, and rapidly grew to become the most effective MMORPG on the planet. The video game peaked at over 12 million customers in October 2010 and, in spite of its age, remains one of the most popular MMORPGs worldwide. The success of WoW sealed Blizzard’s track record as a world class game designer and publisher. With every major growth, the video game constantly reinvents itself to remain pertinent. Even with more and more MMORPGs dropping their subscriptions and going free-to-play, World of Warcraft has remained incredibly popular while keeping its membership. With the large quantity of material in the game, World of Warcraft is easily worth the regular monthly charge. Those new to the game needs to keep in mind, at over 35GB, the video game is rather huge. After downloading, setting up, and patching, players can begin their journey in Azeroth.

WoW Character Creation

Azeroth Lore

Set four years after the events of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, World of Warcraft includes an unbelievable story with thousands of well-written quests and troves of lore spread across Azeroth for players to discover. Blizzard Entertainment invested a considerable quantity of effort into creating a truly immersive world that really feels alive. Aside from some generic kill and fetch quests, World of Warcraft includes long lore-rich quest chains that permit players to learn the history and check out of Azeroth. Other quests like “The Lady’s Necklace” allows players to communicate and find out more about renowned Warcraft characters like Lady Sylvanas. Completing the quest results in Sylvanas singing an old Elven song that she remembered before she turned Undead at Arthas’ hands. This is one of the hundreds of genuinely terrific quests in the game. I believe what makes the lore in World of Warcraft compelling is the video game’s whole world. Azeroth is a vibrant, ever-changing world that’s easy to get captured up in. Since there’s simply so much storytelling in the video game and it’s masterfully delivered, I believe it’s fair to describe World of Warcraft as a story-driven MMORPG. Those who wish to look into the video game’s tradition can do so by completing every side-quest and checking out every nook and cranny of the world, while others can select to avoid it. There’s something for everybody in WoW. I’ve long been a fan of Blizzard’s storytelling well prior to WoW was even launched. After playing WoW throughout the years, my regard for Blizzard’s capability to craft amazing stories has only grown.

WoW Sylvana


Players start their adventure in World of Warcraft much like any other MMORPG in character creation. The video game has 2 factions Horde and Alliance. When the game very first launched, players were limited to just one faction per server, however, this limit has because been raised, offering players the chance to blend Horde and Alliance on a single server. With eleven playable classes and thirteen races, there are a lot more options in WoW than other video games. Aside from simply visual differences, each race has its unique racial qualities. Blood Elves, for instance, have Arcane Acuity (Bonus vital strikes), Arcane Torrent (PBAoE silence ability), Arcane Affinity (perk to bewitching ability), and Magic Resistance (perk magic resistance). None of these racial traits is game-changing, so gamers are motivated to select whichever race they like. Not every race has access to every class though. Dwarves and Trolls are the most flexible, as they each have access to every but one.

After choosing a race and class, players can personalize numerous elements of their character. With World of Warcraft being the most effective MMORPG on the planet, the video game’s look personalization choices are rather dull. Gamers have a handful of skin color, face, hairdo, hair color, and piercing choices. That’s it. Compared to newer video games like Final Fantasy 14, it’s a bit frustrating. Luckily, appearance personalization isn’t that crucial as gamers can, later on, differentiate themselves with equipment, mounts, animals and more.

Wow Tauren Quest

Leveling Up

Every race in World of Warcraft has its distinct beginning area and early mission lines. These beginning areas aren’t special guide zones, they’re a part of the video game’s large relentless world. When gamers get in the world for the first time, they’re presented to the game with a short-voiced over the intro and can then immediately begin their journey. Missions in these beginning areas are extremely well-paced and enable players to accustom themselves with their class without being overwhelmed. Similar to other MMORPGs, quests in World of Warcraft have players traveling from one location to the next while things get progressively more and tougher.

What differentiates WoW from other MMORPGs though is its story-driven gameplay. Missions are well written, amusing, and filled with interesting lore. Even for those that don’t read the quest-text, WoW handles to differentiate itself by providing players multiple avenues of development. Gamers do not need to go from Duskwood directly to Stranglethorn Vale. Instead, they can quest and level in the Hinterlands, Arathi Highlands, or in other places. The point is, there are many zones to explore at any provided level. WoW’s map makes it simple to discover areas worth taking a look at by marking each location on the map with a proper level variety.

WoW Tauren Quest


World of Warcraft contributed a lot to the contemporary day MMORPG. So a lot so, that whole video games are classified as WoW clones. World of Warcraft was the initial video game to popularize instanced dungeons. Some individuals possibly believe instancing removes immersion, however, I remember back when I made use of to play EverQuest, I combated my way with a non-instanced dungeon one-time just to see one more team camping. I had to leave and also return later on since that location was currently occupied. Instancing actually functions truly well within MMORPGs as well as WoW has a wonderful equilibrium in between the consistent world and also instanced web content.

There’s so much web content in WoW, it’s hard to cover every little thing. The game has a durable crafting system also with careers like blacksmithing, bewitching, and also much more unique ones like Archeology. These boost with use and mastering any type of one of them can take fairly a little bit of time. Completionists will have a blast playing WoW, as there’s so much to do, consisting of a durable accomplishment system with over 2400 accomplishments (even more being included routinely!).

Gameplay in WoW resembles most MMORPGs. Gamers relocate with WSAD while hitting their hotkeys to use capacities. Every class has 3 specializations, which appear at degree 10. These aren’t permanent and can be reset at any time. These fields of expertises allow every class to be played in several various ways. For example, Priests that choose to deal with damage can go “shadow” which provides effective offending magic with minimal recovery capacities. Warriors can be constructed as containers or as damages dealers as well. Other than specializations, players can likewise tailor their personality by picking from among 3 available abilities every 15 degrees (and also degree 100). Gamers can further customize their personalities by furnishing numerous different “Glyphs”, which give their capabilities with small enhancements. Both glyphs, as well as abilities, can be reset making use of Vanishing Powders as well as Tomes of Clear Mind, which are both inexpensive.

WoW Skill Tree


Arenas in World of Warcraft enable gamers to complete in either 2v2, 5v5, or 3v3 fights in a tiny encased area. 2v2, as well as 3v3 arenas, are considerably much more preferred than 5v5 matches. The video game has a constructed-in matchmaking system based on a gamer’s “rating” to make sure all matches are fair. Gamers that accomplish high ratings are compensated at the end of the period with different goodies (2K+ score). PvP is hectic, competitive, and also enjoyable. It’s nearly impossible to climb up the ladder with random companions as well as great communication (voice chat) is crucial.

World of Warcraft has a range of PvP alternatives. Something for everyone. First, the game’s open-world PvP is just available on PvP servers. On these PvP servers, Horde, as well as Alliance, can battle members of the opposing faction anywhere in the video game world. Eliminating an adversary benefits gamers honor, which can be utilized as currency to unlock various items of PvP equipment. Honor is likewise made in Battlefields and Arenas. Regrettably, WoW’s World PvP is instead disappointing, as practically every game server is either almost completely horde or alliance. The Illidan server, as an example, has 16,000 Alliance gamers as well as 370,000 Horde gamers. Stormrage has 350,000 Alliance and also 15,000 Horde. There are a couple of web servers that have a close to 1-1 proportion between factions, however many servers are heavily slanted towards one faction.

With World PvP largely unnecessary on most servers and Arena extremely competitive, more informal players can appreciate PvP in WoW’s battlefields. Battlegrounds are instanced zones where 2 teams compete to complete a goal. Goals vary by map as well as loss within 3 categories– Resource Race (Capture resource points as well as interrupt your enemy), Capture the Flag (self explanatory), as well as Warfare (MOBA design fight. Win by pressing towers as well as taking goals).

WoW Battlegrounds

Pets and Mounts

One aspect of World of Warcraft that I like is this game’s big variety of collectible pets as well as mounts. Mounts are bound to players account-wide, so obtaining a mount on one character makes it offered on all your characters, which is hassle-free and also good. Other than the mounts offered to acquire in-game, thousands of uncommon mounts can be gotten with crafting, questing, and from bosses. Mounts that drop off bosses appear to be one of the hardest to acquire. Ashes of Al’ar (remarkable Phoenix flying mount), for instance, drops from Kael’thas Sunstrider in “The Eye.” The drop rate is only 2% and also the dungeon reset as weekly, so it’ll take approximately 50 weeks to get Ashes of Al’ar to drop. I’m certain some people may assume this is ridiculous, but the fact that World of Warcraft has hundreds of rare mounts to discover gives the video game an extraordinary amount of playability. The rarer mounts have amazing animations too, that makes accumulating them even much more enjoyable. Crafting a “Vial of the Sands,” for instance, permits gamers to transform right into a Sandstone Drake. It essentially allows you to transform into a dragon. Not just any type of ‘old dragon either. A dragon that can lug an additional player! Other than mounts, players can collect pet dogs, which just follow them about, and battle pet dogs, which can deal with in pokemon style fights. There’s merely a great deal to collect in WoW as well as it contributes to the video game’s feeling of “vastness” as an MMORPG. There’s always something to do.

WoW Mount

Quality of Life

Ever since the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft, Blizzard structured much of insipidity to make the game much more user-friendly and practical. Rather than manually going to every dungeon as well as raid, players might just queue for these dungeons with the video game’s interface. Just select what duty you’d like to use (DPS, Tank, or Healer) you’ll immediately be matched with a team of players. Pursuit NPCs are positioned at the beginning of the dungeon also, so players can quickly accept every mission connecting to that dungeon on the fly. Apart from simply dungeons, players can queue up for end game raids as well with pick-up groups through the “Looking for Raid” menu. Gamers will need a specific item level (ilvl) before having the ability to queue to do some of these raids to optimize the probabilities of success. Being able to queue up for raids makes obtaining late video games impressive loot a lot easier than before as well as permits virtually everybody to access the end-game web content. Those looking for a much more hardcore experience can sign up with development guilds as well as full raids on “heroic” mode, which is considerably harder than the standard “looking for raid” setting.

WoW Raid


With the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Blizzard started to reduce the game’s difficulty. Things gradually got simpler and also simpler and also when I ultimately returned to World of Warcraft after Mists of Pandaria launched, I had the ability to a level up from 1-90 in less than a month of informal play. I bear in mind having zero problem leveling, as it was near impossible to even pass away. I could pull six opponents on my warrior and also just mindlessly mash my skills with a degree of convenience. I remember cleaning in upper Blackrock apex in Vanilla frequently, but in Mists of Pandaria, I do not believe I cleaned a solitary time in a dungeon. I thought raiding would certainly be challenging, however, raids that can be marked time for in the “Looking for Raid” menu were mind-numbingly simple. Actually, after finishing a few LFR raids and obtaining some impressive, I rapidly understood I might simply/ follow someone and go AFK and also we would certainly still be able to finish the raid easily.

WoW Azsharas Eternal Palace

The video game’s searching for a raid system was made to give laid-back players access to end-game content, which was previously just easily accessible by a little fraction of the gamer base. Hardcore gamers can still take pleasure in incredibly challenging game content by completing the very same dungeons in Heroic setting with their guilds. Heroic raids are extremely difficult and produce better benefits than their “Looking For Raid” equivalents. Despite having these harder raids, it just feels like World of Warcraft has become too easy. By attempting to make WoW a lot more easily accessible to laid-back players, something was lost. The PvE content outside of Heroic raids just really feels too easy, however, the good news is, it’s not a game-breaker, as there’s still a great deal of tough content for those that seek it out.

WoW Raid 2

Micro Transactions

Regardless of being a subscription-based MMORPG, World of Warcraft has actually a micro-transaction based money shop. The store greatly markets Mounts, Pets, and various other cosmetics that have no straight influence on gameplay. The only real questionable item offered for purchase is a level 90 boost, which enhances a player to degree 90 immediately. Any person who bought the Warlords of Draenor expansion obtained among these Level 90 boosts completely free, yet those who want an additional can purchase them in the store. They’re $60 a pop since this evaluation, yet I presume the cost will certainly come down over the years. Blizzard’s reasoning behind making this product readily available is that they desire players to experience the degree 90+ content right away. After all, the degree of 1-90 experience is more of a grind than a challenge anyhow. I believe older players who intend to make alts might save a whole lot of time by purchasing one of these boosters, however brand-new players better avoid buying them. The progressing experience in World of Warcraft, although easy, is still rather enjoyable. The level increase in World of Warcraft is constantly being changed so it’s always 10 levels away from the cap.

Since April 7th, 2015 with the launch of Patch 6.1.2, gamers can exchange in-game gold for “Tokens” which can be used to prolong a gamer’s game time. This permits resourceful gamers to pay for their subscription entirely with in-game currency. Tokens likewise allow players to acquire in-game gold within World of Warcraft without depending on prohibited (as per the Terms Of Service) 3rd party gold websites. I really think the WoW Token system is an excellent addition to the game.

WoW Cash Shop


World of Warcraft is still the gold-standard of MMORPGs. The video game has a remarkable quantity of material, superior production worth, and enjoyable gameplay. Despite its age, there’s really something for everybody in World of Warcraft. The video game does an outstanding work of satisfying both hardcore as well as laid-back audiences alike. World of Warcraft will likely remain to control the MMORPG scene for the near future.

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