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Guild Wars 2, or GW2, is a free-to-play fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG created by ArenaNet. The video game was officially launched on August 28, 2012, with a 3-day head-start offered to gamers who pre-purchased the game. The game initially needed a one-time acquisition to play, however, on August 29, 2015, ArenaNet made the fundamental version of the game cost-free to play. Nevertheless, the current expansions will certainly always require to be bought.

GW2 is established in the fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the Guild Wars’ Eye of the North Expansion. Tyria’s residents are residing in fear of Elder Dragons that have actually arisen from the midst of the continent and also have almost annihilated the globe’s population, since the moment of the initial video game. Gamers are entrusted with rejoining members of the disbanded guild, Destiny’s Edge, whose mixed toughness is required to beat the Elder Dragons. Players will take on quests that alter and also shift relying on their activities or perhaps the activities of neighboring gamers.

Guild Wars 2 Intro

Character Creation

If you’re into PVE and role-playing, personality development in GW2 is a ten-step procedure that may seem a little bit lengthy yet is well worth the time. For gamers that desire to leap right into the game, there’s a handy “Skip to End” switch that shows up in every step. Clicking the button randomizes the choices for the proceeding actions and takes the player’s right to the naming part. For others that willing to invest a little time on their heroes, they are provided a selection of 5 races, each with their very own distinctive features, from the brief alchemical innovators of the Asura to the imposing hunters of the Norm.

Besides the distinctions in looks, each race begins in various locations and also complies with a somewhat various storyline. Each race likewise possesses abilities distinct to their race. While these racial skills may benefit one class even more than the other, unless you’re into hardcore PvP, you’re much better off selecting a character that you prefer.

After picking their race, gamers then choose their class, or profession as it’s called GW2. Players can choose from an overall of 8 distinct occupations with a ninth-class set to be launched with the game’s first expansion: Heart of Thorns. Players after that proceed on to tailoring their hero’s looks. The video game includes a lot of alternatives to enable players to produce special looking characters consisting of choices for body development and sliders for the height and also face attributes.

Guild Wars 2 Character Creation

Starting the Adventure

Gamers begin their experiences with a race-dependent prologue that familiarizes gamers with standard game mechanics such as movements, camera controls, NPC communication, battle, and questing. Even after the beginning, dialog boxes frequently show up to describe a function that the player experiences for the very first time.

The game’s visuals are definitely outstanding. Every little thing is designed with unbelievable detail, from the mobs as well as characters, down to the rich trees, moonlight-kissed lakes, and rolling surface. The fancy effects look great also. The audio fits the state of mind of the game completely whether you’re running duties around or checking out bandit-infested caverns.

Mentioning audios, voice narrations are utilized for much of the significant in-game discussion and also, while the writing is alright, there were a couple of times when the voice acting seemed a bit unpleasant. The game likewise includes a great deal of lovely drawn by hand art similar to the very initial Guild Wars game.

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Starting Zone


Unlike standard MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 permits gamers to discover the large world of Tyria in their very own terms. There are a number of kinds of missions that gamers will come across on their journey. Individual tale pursuits, Reputation, or Heart pursuits, as well as Dynamic pursuits.

Besides the individual story quests which advance the story, missions are automatically initiated by just joining an area and players can pick if they will to tackle the quest or not. These quests are likewise instantly completed by just completing the requirements.

Dynamic quests are among GW2’s major selling factors and also assist it to differentiate itself from various other MMORPGs. Stay in a location for some time and you’ll at some point experience a dynamic event. These kinds of quests generally require several other gamers to complete and also usually, are part of chain quests eventually finishing in a boss battle that calls for a great deal of gamers to complete it.

Dynamic missions likewise call for players to be in the ideal location at the correct time. Other players additionally require to be there to assist considering that soloing dynamic occasions typically leads to continuous death and also disappointment. Still, having dynamic pursuits is a total favorable since it enables gamers to obtain experience as well as progress their way.


GW2 features an action-style combat system where gamers move around utilizing the WASD keys while spamming Hotbar keys to release attacks as well as cast spells. The battle system additionally needs for players to aim their strikes at adversaries in contrast to the typical click as well as cast system made use of by a lot of MMORPG’s.

Enemy monsters likewise walk around, range mobs often tend to relocate away when striking players get too close. This produces a hectic and action-packed fight where you have to constantly walk around and also evade attacks.

Guild Wars 2 additionally includes a skill system that enables gamers to conveniently alter skillsets by simply gearing up a suitable weapon kind.

Although an equipped weapon still depends upon the hero’s profession or class. Additionally, while the offered skills appear a little bit restricted, the system still provides gamers the freedom to tweak their hero’s skills to fit their playing type or a specific circumstance, boss, or mob. Abilities are immediately enhanced as the character gains increase its level.

Skills can additionally be enhanced by unlocking and also choosing Traits. Traits are passive skills that provide perks to abilities as well as gamer attributes. Traits can be unlocked by finishing jobs, such as defeating an opponent, finishing events, and also getting too particular locations, or by buying them utilizing coins, the game’s main currency.

Skill-points are likewise granted as gamers gain levels. Like the initial Guild Wars, players at end game will constantly have even more abilities than they can potentially gear up at once, so gamers require to select as well as pick which skills to have prepared.

World vs World

Guild Wars 2 provides a selection of PVP modes for everybody, from the hardcore to the totally silly. For significant PVP, players can sign up to the World vs World and fight against/with hundreds of players in a separate open world. They can likewise sign up with traditional PVP settings like Conquest or Team Deathmatch. These modes can be accessed via the PVP panel.

Similar to the very first Guild Wars, PvP is instantly “balanced” by immediately readjusting everyone’s stats to max throughout the period of the PvP game.

Guild Wars 2 additionally provides enjoyable PVP modes, or Activities as they’re called in-game, which are wonderful for defeating the monotony of PVE. Gamers can sign up with mini-games like Keg-brawl, a basketball-like video game including kegs of ale as well as a great deal of combat, or Crab Toss, a free-for-all game where the player who can hold the crab lengthiest while being struck by various other gamers wins the game.

Guild Wars 2 World Vs World

Microtransaction Shop

Guild Wars 2 base game is free-to-play however expansions need to be bought. The video game additionally provides micro-transactions by means of the in-game money store. Players utilize gems, which can be purchased making use of real-world money, to acquire aesthetic products, boosts, character slots, expansions, as well as game upgrades.

The cash store is well-balanced and primarily consists of aesthetic items. Gems can likewise be traded for gold which is an excellent idea given that it also offers players who don’t wish to invest extra cash on the game a way to buy the premium items.


Guild Wars 2 reinvents MMORPGs with its Dynamic quest system which decreases the time gamers invest trying to find teams and provides them even more time to appreciate the video game. The game’s graphics, atmosphere, as well as audios are well-made and first-class. The game can be a little bit gritty sometimes however still an outstanding video game that’s well worth taking a look at.

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