PlanetSide 2 New Huge Colossus Tank

PlanetSide 2 recently introduced the Bastion Fleet Carrier, a large air vehicle. The New Huge Colossus Tank has been announced as the next addition to the game and it can be crafted by outfits in a similar way the Bastion Fleet Carrier is.

The other day dev Livestream disclosed a variety of in-development assets for PlanetSide2, consisting of a brand-new SMG, the NS-66 Punisher, and Facility Modules, which will certainly enable outfits to deploy and craft facilities upgrades at allied bases. One more awesome feature coming for outfits is a log system, which will certainly allow members to see the history of their outfit, including enlistments, promotions/demotions, and other info.

However, the big news from the stream was the reveal of the Colossus Tank, a five-seater that overshadows previous heavy tanks. Its main cannon can be charged to release a massive armor-piercing slavo and also it has four extra weapon emplacements for close-quarters protection.

Every one of these brand-new functions are scheduled to be released in the next update, which will be in very early June. Before that will, Rogue Games will celebrate PlanetSide’s 17th wedding anniversary on May 20. Find out more regarding the Colossus and the rest of the approaching game content on the PlanetSide 2 website.

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