Path of Exile Shared News to Change the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive

The Path of Exile devs had shared news about modifications to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive due out in a patch later on this week.

The passive grants 10% boost to the Effect of Aura Buffs on You for each Herald influencing you if you’re didn’t know that already. The team mentions the main factor that brings them to this change was mostly because many things are treated as auras, which many gamers think they are not auras.

“The skill was never intended to interact with these and should have said something like “x% increased Effect of Aura Buffs from Skills on you per Herald affecting you”. This is something we can control that doesn’t arbitrarily break internal systems that aren’t meant to have their values modified.”

Currently, the passive will just enable on auras from abilities. The passive still continues to be powerful if you’re the type of gamer who makes use of moods from abilities when this happens. Nonetheless, it will be weaker for those players who are currently abusing it.

“This is essentially a gigantic mid-league nerf to the most powerful “build” in the game, which is something we normally try very hard to avoid. We completely understand that players invest time and considerable resources into building their characters, and our policy is to avoid nerfing skills mid-league in almost all cases. Situations like this though, which break the game wide open, are the exception to this policy.”

The team assures that investigation will be done right into various other areas of Delirium which might exhibit comparable issues. You can take a look at the complete article right here.

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