WOW Shadowlands Will Require Level 50 To Use Timewalking

WOW Shadowlands Will Require Level 50 To Use Timewalking.

It seems that Timewalking in World of Warcraft Shadowlands will require you to be level 50. It makes a lot of changes to leveling in general. As Wowhead notes, the new Battle for Azeroth has this max level too. Because of this, level 50 will be the brand-new Fight for Azeroth max level progressing. It indicates that any level 120 gamers will be forced back to Level 50.

Formerly, if you had leveled past the level for an expansion, time walking was a method for those players to access that content. It sounds like when you make it to level 50. You’ll be able to access premade group finders and time walking. Like, Timewalking dungeon events would be available for a short amount of time, allows you to assemble raid teams and more.

You can find how this looks in the beta on Reddit. Also, in case you did not know, Shadowlands was delayed out of October and is set to release sometime this year, although no date has been provided yet.

Finally, a recent development update outlined changes you’ll expect in the beta, including the Conduit system arriving in Shadowlands’ next update.

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