WoW Classic Latest Gates of Ahn’Qiraj Test Failed Once Again

Wow Classic latest Gates of Ahn’Qiraj test failed once again. In a spectacular example of inconsistency, Blizzard called the trial “successful” despite the enormous amount of lag, crashes, and also countless other technological problems.

“A lot of people asked during the test if performance is going to be that bad in the live game, while some joked that they thought it was ready, and we should ship it,” Blizzard said. “Or maybe they weren’t joking? After all, the experience in our stress test yesterday was pretty similar to the original AQ gate opening in 2006. We had a ton of lag, some server crashes, and when players gave up and the population dwindled, the event finally completed. We are planning to do better than that, but we won’t be able to eliminate the lag entirely.”

The team stated that they’re going to run another test on Thursday, June 25th, to help strengthen Ahn’Qiraj for its release. At the same time, a June 19th hotfix modified the Blade of Eternal Darkness and also removed the 30-per-day limit on players running 40-player raids.

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