World Of Warcraft Unlock 11 Month Old Secret Battle Pet

World Of Warcraft Unlock 11 Month Old Secret Battle Pet.  

Conspiracy hunters in World of Warcraft are deep in the chase after a pet that’s been hiding for 11 months now (a big cozy cat by the name of Jenafur). As of right now, players have discovered the very first two steps involving several NPCs and also a line of kibble that indicates Kharazan. From there, things are a bit murky, including some food products, one more line of kibble, and also an NPC whose discussion is different if you have already started the hunt. It will likely take some time before Jenafur is released.

In similar WoW news, players are requesting a change to some old quest dialogue in the Shadowlands beta, specifically a segment where Garrosh refers to Sylvanas as a “clever bitch.” Lead narrative designer Steve Danuser appeared in response to the matter, explaining that the word had to be removed, saying,

“Garrosh’s point of view comes across just fine after the edit. I make no apologies for removing the word. Everyone, of course, is entitled to their own opinion. But we felt it was time for it to go, and it’s not coming back.”

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