World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Is The Upcoming Solo Queue Only PvP Mode

World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle

World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Is The Upcoming Solo Queue Only PvP Mode.

In World of Warcraft, some players like to play solo but not in PvP due to having to party up before a PVP match, but a new feature from the upcoming Eternity’s End update may fix this issue for some.

Group Finder has its issues. First, it takes quite a bit to find a good team, especially if you play as a damage dealer, making it hard for you to be placed in a decent group where you trust your team in aiding you throughout the match. 

Yet, the team doesn’t want to deter people from grouping up, so they made it an option by adding “Solo Shuffle,” A brand new approach and bracket that is only solo. When you queue up, you are put into a team of six players with two healers and four damage dealers. Over six rounds of combat, the teams will split into three groups, with one healer and two damage dealers. Players on each side will need to adjust to the various classes in the team ranks. Players on the teams will usually cooperate with every other player and win or squander their ratings proportionally. If you prevail in six rounds, you’ll be getting more stuff than the player that won two rounds.

This mode is much more quick and is quite different from the usual Arena. For example, mana regeneration is quite limited, and there will be some adjustments when drinking potions. And if a player quits the game, it adds as having failed every round with a consequent fine.

For more details on the Solo Shuffle, see the announcement over at World of Warcraft.

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