World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Patch Character Wipes Out Incoming

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Patch Character Wipes Out Incoming.  

It appears like Blizzard has changed Shadowlands’ pre-patch PTR to the Test candidate. Also, character wipes will be coming soon.

The very first little bit states that the pre-patch PTR, which has relatively been returned to the test candidate by Blizzard. There should not be any visible adjustments in the game. However, as Wowhead says, the release flag was removed, which they had previously added.

Besides, this week will see us getting a Character wipe for the Shadowlands beta. This is due to a glitch where characters were being damaged due to modifications in Quest or Covenant Flow. When the beta returns to the regular reset, you’ll need to duplicate or create a brand-new Characters.

This will cause the Renown from all of the Covenants to reset to their Week 1 state. You’ll have a pair of various alternatives for developing test Characters. Maw and Oribos realms will see character duplications and also level 50 templates. On Torghast, you’ll see Level 60 design templates along with suppliers for PvP, dungeon, and even raid testing.

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