World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Is Ready To Launch


World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Is Ready To Launch. 

We are about two weeks away until World of Warcraft’s newest DLC will release, and if the test servers data is correct, this Expansion is pretty much ready to be launched. The people at Wowhead noted that the newest Shadowlands Expansion build is currently in PTR.

Blizzard will not delay its November 23rd launch date, even more, especially considering that Shadowlands was already postponed for a whole month for more stuff to be done for the Expansion. There’s also the pre-expansion event that will start soon during the two-week wait.

For those trying as fast as they can to level up their alts during this wait, if you’re up to it, you have a brand new time to beat: Three hours and thirty-three minutes. It took that much to the speedrunner DesMephisto to make an Alliance Death Knight from level 10 to 50 (Death Knights will naturally start at level 10 due to the brand-new leveling system).

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