World Of Warcraft Players Polls About The Free Sparklepony

World Of Warcraft Players Polls About The Free Sparklepony.  

Mentioning a “spirit of unity” with World of Warcraft players with a challenging year, Blizzard announced on their website that they are most likely to be creating a brand-new place to add to the game when Shadowlands arrives. The best thing? Not just players have a say in what this mount will be, yet every person that buys the expansion will obtain the “sparkle pony” (or whatever its called) free.

There’s currently a poll up using the 5 Mount concepts. Players can vote on their favored idea until September 18th. The choices include a flying book, a skittering spider, a curious caterpillar, as well as a slimy cat.

“Once our artists finish making the mount ready to ride, it will be added to the Mount Collection tab in Q1 2021 for every player with Shadowlands activated on their account,” the studio promised.

Also, since Blizzard did not give any image of the mounts, people are hard at work making their visuals of the Mounts.

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