World of Warcraft Dragonflight Pre-Patch Makes Gear Set Bonuses as Legacy

World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Pre-Patch Makes Gear Set Bonuses as Legacy

If you’ve sunk some hours in World of Warcraft getting yourself readied up from Eternity’s End onward, there’s some essential info to know as we get nearer to the Dragonflight pre-patch. First, Blizzard has revealed that the class set perks from Eternity’s End will be made Legacy on the pre-patch release.

This is a modification from earlier expansion releases. While the announcement from CM Kaivax accepts that it’s normal to mark older set perks as Legacy after some time, this usually doesn’t occur prematurely. After all, there is an interval between the pre-patch and the expansion’s launch. 

Yet, with the rework of classes arriving in Dragonflight, this is something they’ve chosen to do with the pre-patch since the bases of the brand new systems will be set there. Considering how talent trees, class specialization, and profession options will change in favor of player choices and flexibility makes sense. The team has stated in previews that making awful builds with a capacity of flexibility will be more than achievable.

While you might not be darting to make a troll build of your subsequent character, the early rework of set perks is coming. This is planned to be a one-time shift as the statement also says, “In the future, it is not our intention to repeat this timing when marking class sets as Legacy.” However, even that statement doesn’t entirely rule it out.

Still, this is coming, and informing the players about it now is a good call. To help compensate the intervals that may also arrive with the opening of the brand new talent trees and revamped systems, and the disposal of gear perks, Blizzard will re-tune World of Warcraft’s content when the pre-patch is out. This will mark version 10.0, and their purpose in the tuning pass is to stay about the same as we steer into the age of Dragonflight.

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