Wolcen Arise New Trailer Released While It Revamps Summons In The Latest Patch Notes


Wolcen Arise New Trailer Released While It Revamps Summons In The Latest Patch Notes.

MMOBEEP found out that the team at Wolcen has published a brand new trailer for their newest upcoming content update, called Arise. Additionally, brand new patch notes were published recently, introducing some quality of life adjustments. 

You can take a look at the trailer down below. However, we still don’t have the release date for Arise. Wolcen Arise will be the third content update for Wolcen’s Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail after Bloodstorm. Arise will be bringing a Summons Revamp, as seen in the trailer.

Additionally, in case you haven’t heard about it over the weekend, patch was published for Wolcen and includes some quality of life changes in addition to bug fixes. Some QoL changes include:

  • Health, Rage, and Willpower remedies can now be utilized at any moment without obstruction and without canceling an ongoing channeling ability.
  • Items marketed by Havar and Mohabi now climb up to the maximum expedition level that you are.
  • “The items collected as awards for achieving the “Seekers Garrison” and “Stormfall Trade Assembly” schemes in Stormfall palace now mount up to the highest expedition level unlocked.
  • Clarified and added values to nearly every modifier for Feeding Swarm, Hunting Swarm, Livor Mortis, and Parasite, both in the tooltips and ability panels.

You can take a look at the full patch notes on the official website. The past year has seen many updates and enhancements to Wolcen since the team addressed the future of the ARPG in March of last year. 

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