WILD TERRA 2 Scheduled a playtest on June 9, Founders will receive a 4-day advantage

MMOBEEP found out that the game Wild Terra 2 scheduled a public playtest of the game on June 9.

Juvty Worlds is about to give players an opportunity to try out Wild Terra 2. The indie developer will allow anyone that’s interested in the game to get on June 9th at 10 am PDT as a means of stress-testing the servers. Settler, Conqueror, as well as Hero Creator’s Pack owners, will get a head start 4 days ahead everyone else on June 5th.

If you want to help the game grow, you can get the entry-level Builder pack for $29.99 which includes a two-day head start before the official launch. If you want to avail the June 5th closed beta, you’ll have to pay out $64.99 for the Settler Pack, $124.99 for the Conqueror Pack, or $249.99 for the Hero Pack. The Hero pack includes 2 copies of the game in addition to a lot of other in-game goodies and fashion.

You’ll find a summary of the Hero pack’s contents plus more information on the Wild Terra 2 Steam page.

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