Wild Terra 2 Early Access, Missing Features, Road Map, and much more

Wild Terra 2 Early Access

Wild Terra 2 Early Access, Missing Features, RoadMap, and much more. 

MMOBEEP found out that when Wild Terra 2 Early Access launched last week, it missed several promised features that Juvty Worlds attributed to only four people working on the game. The indie studio assures the game’s community that they are now hiring more people and have promised to release a comprehensive roadmap to give players an idea of what’s coming to the game.

“Wild Terra 2 is created by a small team of very passionate people. Projects of this scale, as a rule, are developed by teams much larger than ours, and with only four people in the team – develop Wild Terra 2 to Early Access was really difficult! Now the team will grow to develop the game even faster!”

On top of the list of imminent features is a fully-functioning world map. According to the team, the world map will let players observe the entire plan or view local maps to help them navigate their immediate surroundings. Chat moderation tools and new music are also works-in-progress.

Of course, the studio also reminds players that roadmaps aren’t fundamentally set in stone and that designs may vary or be delayed along the way. 

“Sometimes, along the way, you have to spend a lot of time improving what has already been created or encounter difficulties, the solution of which will take much longer than the expected time,”

states the devs.

“We will try to treat the compilation of the new roadmap as responsibly as possible and take into account many nuances that we will have to face.”

Head over to the Wild Terra 2 Steam Page for more details

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