Wasteland 3 Steeltown and Base Game Balance Pass Delivered In Patch 1.4.1


Wasteland 3 Steeltown and Base Game Balance Pass Delivered In Patch 1.4.1.

MMOBEEP found out that Patch 1.4.1 for Wasteland 3 has arrived and brings balance changes for Steeltown and the base game. In addition, various gameplay enhancements are added in as well, in extension to multiplayer fixes.

Wasteland 3 is the squad-based RPG with turn-based combat that was released last year. Since its launch, it’s gotten multiple updates and content drops. The latest content update was The Battle of Steeltown, which was launched on June 3.

Patch 1.4.1 specifically affects Wasteland 3 Steeltown and involves a balance pass that brings many adjustments. Among them, non-lethal playthroughs were highlighted in that they ended up being more complex than the team intended. To that end, the patch makes the coming changes:

  • Disruption Baton hit chance raised to 85%.
  • Disruption Pulser’s mag size raised to 10, and its hit chance to 80%.
  • Disruption Web Launchers hit chance raised to 95%.
  • Disruption Trap’s AP cost decreased to 4.
  • Heavy Disruption Blaster had its AP cost decreased to 5, but its reload cost rose to 4.
  • Disruption Sniper AP cost decreased to 6.

Some gameplay improvements for Steeltown were also made. For example:

  • The Patriarch correctly upholds all probable Steeltown outcomes, which is good because trading with the Patriarch is not an unimportant part of the game.
  • Addressed a problem where loading a save throughout a cutscene could cause the game to display the cutscene bars for the rest of that session. 
  • Skipping the conversation with the Computation Engine could cause some uncanny bugs. 

The patch also includes some changes to UI, audio, display, and more. Apart from this, improvements to the base game were also added in this patch. You can read the full patch notes here.

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