Warframes New Update The Steel Path Is Available To Everyone

Warframes New Update, The Steel Path, Is Available To Everyone. 

In just a couple of days, before they intend to expose the new Warframe growth at TennoCon, Digital Extremes has made The Steel Path available to players on all platforms. The brand-new update changes the game’s Origin System by boosting the difficulty of every node on the star chart as well as requiring players to tackle adversaries 100 levels more powerful than what they’re used to.

Naturally, the more difficult the challenge, the far better the rewards should be. So, players can expect to make even more resources and also mastery as well as a higher opportunity of discovering mods than they generally would. They will also be rewarded with exclusive emotes and trophies.

To get access to the Steel Path, players will need to complete their star chart and then visit Tenshin to start the Steel Path.

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