Warframe’s Heart of the Ordis Valentines Day Event Returns

The Heart of Ordis returns to Warframe featuring the return of numerous products.

The occasion starts with February 17 at 2p ET. The following things are returning:

  • Valentine Color Picker – 1 Credit
  • Eros Arrow Skin – 5,000 Credits
  • Eros Oro Ornament – 50,000 Credits
  • Donwyn Glyph Bundle – 80 Platinum

On the other hand, discount rates are at hand from Darvo for weapons and cosmetics. Remember, this discount rates omits any type of TennoGen and any kind of package that includes a bow or weapon.


  • Attica
  • Ballistica
  • Cernos
  • Daikyu
  • Lenz
  • MK-1 Paris
  • Mutalist Cernos
  • Paris
  • Zhuge


  • Ballistica Forest-Camo Skin
  • Ballistica Tekelu Skin
  • Cattaril Arrow Skin
  • Daikyu Ormolu Skin
  • Meer Arrow Skin
  • Paris Forest-Camo Skin
  • Paris Kintsugi Skin
  • Paris Nocturne Skin
  • Sylus Arrow Skin
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