Warframe Titania Prime Released Now

Titania Prime is Released now in Warframe on all platforms.

Titania in fact debuted in the Silver Grove update on August 19, 2016, three and half years back. She flaunts a number of capabilities and strikes that include the powerful sword Pangolin Prime, the bone-crunching shotgun Corinth Prime, her Dex Pixia Prime twin handguns, a special action set, and also Titania Prime Glyphs.

Titania Prime features accessories too, consisting of the Gigelorum Prime Syandana, Cicada Prime Skin, 90-Day Credit Booster, and 90-Day Affinity Booster. And, according to the press launch, you can get hold of these things quickly with Titania Prime Access or gain the Blueprints in-game for Titania Prime, Pangolin Prime, as well as Corinth Prime.

* Titania Prime Access and also Titania Prime Accessories will be readily available, Tuesday, March 31 on PC, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch. Titania Prime Accessories likewise will be offered today for PS4. Nonetheless, Titania Prime Access will be offered Wednesday, April 1 on PS4. Digital Extremes asks forgiveness for the inconvenience.

For complete local dates for PS4, please see the ones listed below:

  • April 1: North and also South America
  • April 1: Europe, Oceania, Africa and also Asia
  • April 2: Japan

If you’d like to buy Titania Prime, click right here

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