Warframe The Deimos Arcana Newest Update, Brings Lots Of Interesting Stuff and Fun

Warframe The Deimos Arcana Newest Update

Warframe The Deimos Arcana Newest Update, Brings Lots Of Interesting Stuff and Fun. 

The Cambion Drift and its infestation has been improved in Warframe’s newest update. The Deimos: Arcana update will be bringing more content in the area. It will also get four new underground levels and three new Isolation Vault bounties to complete for a ton of rewards.

The infestation is also spreading due to a new kind of enemy called the Mytosid that will split in two when damaged. Still, we Tenno will be getting to utilize a bunch of new infested weapons, including the Destructive new Bonewidow Necramech, which has a combination of a shield, sword, and rocket launcher which will assist you in fights.

Warframe The Deimos Arcana will be bringing a ton more fun with some new fishing and conservation targets to look for, and a lot of gameplay adjustments, pulsating infestations like deluxe Gara, and new Augment Mods for Gauss, Garuda, Revenant, and Wisp. More Details on how much is available in this brand new update can be found on the game’s official website. Also, we have a video down below for those who wanna see the Bonewidow in action.

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