Warframe Nidus Prime, the Ghoulsaw weapon, and update 30.7 features showcased in the latest dev stream


Warframe Nidus Prime, the Ghoulsaw weapon, and update 30.7 features showcased in the latest dev stream.

Warframe has done another Dev Livestream, which offered a bunch of exciting stuff for the fans of Warframe. Most of the stream was centered on a bunch of stuff arriving in update 30.7, including the return of the Plague Star event that allows players to build the Ghoulsaw weapon. A giant weaponized circular saw.

Another important thing is the addition of a Revenant Mephisto skin designed by freelance artist Debby Sheen, which will include a mixture of striking cosmetics, including an extraordinary Syandana, which may be equipped on the Revenant. The remainder of the update’s content centers on quality-of-life adjustments like additions to Ambassador and Harrow drops, a decrease in the time among Grineer Kuva Thrall spawns, and changes to the Corrupted Holo Key. All of this is scheduled to come on Wednesday, September 8th.

As for the game’s additional future content, the stream gave a closer look at the Warframe Nidus Prime frame revealed at TennoCon, along with four brand new Augments being worked on and a small sneak peeks of the Valkyr Deluxe ‘frame design. Finally, the Devs mentioned that Warframe would be hosting a set of gratuity weekends as the game gets closer to the New War update. The dates for that can be seen in the pic below, while there is also a summary of the Livestream, which can be read here, or you could watch the vid embedded below.

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