Warframe Call Of The Tempestarii Update Revealed During Warframe Dev Stream


Warframe Call Of The Tempestarii Update Revealed During Warframe Dev Stream. 

Digital Extremes just hosted their first Warframe dev stream of 2021 yesterday, and it looks like they chose to announce a bunch of things. Throughout the stream, the company unveiled the game’s upcoming big update (Update 30), the first Prime access of this new year, and the 46th Warframe. The update, named Warframe Call Of The Tempestarii (pronounced “Tem-pest-are-ee”), stars a bit of an aquatic theme that even has a complete lore-filled quest.

Update 30 brings brand new stuff to the Railjack system, consisting of a new Corpus Railjack space combat featuring Capital Ships. It also introduces void storms and connects the Orphix Venom mech battles with Railjack missions to offer more diversity.

The new Warframe Sevagoth bargains in souls, especially the sowing, reaping, and draining them. Besides having four classic abilities, he also possesses a “Wraith” meter that, when charged, allows him to take on a distinct form. This Reaper form has its own skills.

Other items of note in this week’s dev stream are the announcement of the next Prime Warframe Octavia Prime and that new seasonal activities are on their way. These combine Star Days and the Lunar New year.

The video down below will explain everything in more detail.

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