Warframe Announces Citrine’s Last Wish Update Planned to Release In February


Warframe Announces Citrine’s Last Wish Update Planned to Release In February.

Warframe has Hosted its very first dev stream for this year of 2023, booting things off with Info surrounding the following update to the looter shooter MMO. Citrine’s Last Wish will release next month, while the team is also giving a sneak peek at incoming quality-of-life modifications like cross-play and cross-progression.

Citrine’s Last Wish will release on February 2023, adding in the 52nd Warframe for players. The update will see players journey to Mars to do Mirror Defense Missions and gain Citrine’s blueprints to create the new frame. 

Citrine exerts a deadly scythe called Corufell that can deal damage with levied blasts at the range, and the new Steflos, a short-ranged weapon that improves its power with each enemy hit in sequence. Warframe’s Citrine’s Last Wish will also have the first-ever Facial Visage Ink cosmetic kit (think Tattoos), brand-new skins, and much more. 

Star Days, Warframe’s Valentine’s Event, begins on February 1st in Fortuna. The event runs goes till Wednesday, February 15th.

Finally, Warframe’s dev stream also talked about a few ongoing quality-of-life elements that have been in development for a while now. The big one: cross-progression (called Cross Platform Save), is currently in the works, with testing conducted on trading, account linking, and other technical problems that need to be fixed before it can release with cross-play at its current state.

Warframe Mobile is now in iOS closed beta testing, currently sitting at the maximum they can invite. The plan is to have more players join in and send invites in the coming months, upholding the test throughout Spring, ideally with extra planets and quests.

You can take a look at the full stream down below. 

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