Warframe Announced The Second Dream Cinematic Collectibles Is On Pre-Orders

Warframe Announced The Second Dream Cinematic Collectibles Is On Pre-Orders.  

It may have been a couple of years since The Second Dream cinematic quest made its mark on Warframe, yet that doesn’t imply players have forgotten about it. Digital Extremes hopes that you haven’t overlooked it because they will allow players to grab some unique real-world products to honor it.

Players can pre-order an 11 ″ Lotus statuette, a pin set, or a t-shirt. Or, you can get the entire collection. All the products can be pre-ordered in the shop till October 1. The statuette runs $175 as well as consists of some in-game bonus. The pin set will cost players $30 and the t-shirt, which is $28. as mentioned, you can get the whole collection for $220, and you can save $13 from this if you’re interested in the entire collection

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