Vendetta Online Capital Ship Receives New Remote Commands


Vendetta Online Capital Ship Receives New Remote Commands.

MMOBEEP found out in a recent newsletter, the Vendetta Online team outlined several new additions, including new remote capital ship commands.

Initially, the remote commands were pretty restricted to follow and park. However, they’ve been extended to conflict, defense, patrolling, drilling, and docking. If you own a Trident or Goliath type ship, you can control it to remotely mine asteroids. There are still a few constraints, but the newsletter leaves the door open for future improvements.

The newsletter also discusses faction changes to the Temporary Kill on Sight system to address constant grief in PvP. Specific TKOS timers are now working on game time reliant on the time spent logged in and not real-world-clock time. Also, note an imminent event on January 2 at 4p CST named the Corporate Sector Run. You can discover more information on that specific event right here.

This newsletter tends to some updates, including:

  • Unaligned pirate capital ships momentarily “guard” the debris field rather than staying still.
  • Blockade convoy capital ships now linger near the wormhole when the sector restarts, preferably coming in from 5000m.
  • Ship Unequip actions now check for free storage space and prompt to rent more when needed.
  • Added ability for players to report spybots by doing ‘/report “name” Spybot.’ The player being reported must be ejected into space and be found in the same area as the reporter.
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