Valheim Sells Over 1M Copies In Its First Week On Steam Early Access


Valheim Sells Over 1M Copies In Its First Week On Steam Early Access. 

MMOBEEP found out that Valheim has sold over 1 million units during the game’s first week of its launch on Steam as Early Access. According to developer Iron Gate Studios, that compares to roughly 8,333 Viking-crammed longboats sailing to their next conquest.

And guess what, there’s more. Throughout Valheim’s first week on Steam, the game rose at 160,000 concurrent users and beyond 127,000 peak watchers on Twitch. While we write this article, the game’s all-time peak concurrency is now a little over 188,000 players.

The Viking-inspired multiplayer survival game was released on Steam Early Access on February 2nd and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The team behind the game thanked the players for their support and has assured the community that they’re hard at addressing reported issues.

“Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible,” said the team. “In just over two years, what our small yet formidable studio has been able to achieve is mind-blowing. We are super excited to continue working together throughout 2021, as we bring you tons of cool new content, improvements, and … ways to die, through the early access and beyond.”

More info can be found on the Valheim Steam Community Page.

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