Ubisoft Announces New Content Plans For Division 2


Ubisoft Announces New Content Plans For Division 2. 

MMOBEEP found out that brand new content would be arriving in Division 2, but in the meantime, Ubisoft has an update on what you can do while waiting.

In the latest post, Ubisoft revealed their upcoming content year for 2021, recording some rather exciting stats from the community, like 20 billion items looted, 937 squad members revived, and one agent (player) cleared more than 36,000 floors. 

As we said, the brand new content is currently on the way, but it won’t be soon. Ubisoft notes, this brand new content will be led by Ubisoft veterans, with Adrian Trasca and Yannick Banchereau still having their seats as the Producer and Creative Director. This brand new content will also be worked on by the team at Ubisoft Bucharest. 

They state that this brand new content will consist of a brand new game mode “entirely new to the franchise.” The team will also focus on build diversity. But don’t get too excited as it’s all still in development. In the meantime, the team will re-do its 2020 content series to keep you entertained. This implies that Season 5 will be a re-do of Season 1.

You may take a look at the full update here.

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