Trove Turkeytopia Event And Free Wings For Thanksgiving


Trove Turkeytopia Event And Free Wings For Thanksgiving. 

MMOBEEP found out that people are calling Turkeytopia (from Trove) one of the best thanksgiving events in gaming history because it captures the feeling of thanksgiving with the hunting and dressing up as Turkeys.

Anyway, Trove Turkeytopia will be live from November 18th – November 30th. This will give you a lot of time to get all of the awesome rewards, including the legendary Sliced Slider magrunner.

“Travel through dungeons to collect Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes, use them for recipes, a mount, and to craft, the Turkeytopia private Delves Gateway,” the dev. Team said.

You might also wanna check the game’s in-game store while you’re in the game. You can also get a Wings of Unexpected Ascension if you have bought something in the game before. Trove will also be having a huge sale this month on its many packs and costumes, including the “Fowl Fancies pack.”

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