Tribes of Midgard Viking Themed ARPG Announces Seasonal Sagas And After Launch Support


Tribes of Midgard Viking Themed ARPG Announces Seasonal Sagas And After Launch Support.

MMOBEEP found out that Tribes of Midgard, a Viking-themed ARPG from Norsfell and Gearbox, have unveiled their Seasonal Sagas and post-launch support as a portion of yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play.

Tribes of Midgard were revealed last month throughout Summer Game Fest. The game seems to blend Diablo and Valheim, which can be pretty incredible if done correctly. You can watch the Summer Game Fest Trailer, which is embedded down below.

Yesterday’s State of Play event, we got more details about how Tribes of Midgard will develop. You’ll be capable of playing solo or teaming up with 2-10 other players as you explore the wild and try to survive.

Post-launch support was the exhibition’s central theme, with Tribes of Midgard giving multiple seasonal updates Norsfell names Sagas. Season One will start on July 27 beside the release of the game and will involve the following content:

  • New boss
  • New level rewards
  • New rune system
  • Defeat the Jotunns
  • Defend Yggdrasil
  • New gear to collect

Season One will introduce a mid-season update in September, which will start in November will include a brand new saga quest. The Season Two mid-season update will launch in January 2022.

Runes were shown and valuable modifiers you can utilize to boost stats, obtain brand new skills, and more. There will be 30 runes in Tribes of Midgard, so there’s lots of room for testing.

You can take a look at the full extensive update here.

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