Tribes of Midgard brand new Witch Saga Update Adds New Biome as well as Cross-Play

Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard brand new Witch Saga Update Adds New Biome as well as Cross-Play.

MMOBEEP found out that the Tribes of Midgard have recently received the new Witches Saga Update being the newest update which contains a brand-new biome, Hel, the brand-new Ancient, brand-new cosmetics, as well as the addition of cross-play.

The goddess Hel awaits, and you’ll be getting the opportunity to enter the realm of the dead, Niflheim, to prevent her from achieving her plans to poison the core of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. With this, the Witch Saga quest starts your decline into Tribes of Midgard’s coldest biome. Not only will you enter the cold deeps of the brand-new biome to scour, but down there will be stone mausoleums to discover and ransack, loot to get, brand-new crafting materials and brand-new recipes. But, sadly, hel has brought up her wicked plot, and down there, it will be up to you to prevent her and release her captive, Baldr, son of Odin. 

Aside from the chilly chasms of Niflheim, there are other new features and improvements. There’s a brand-new farming system and a brand-new tool, the shovel. With the addition of a farming system, you’ll be capable of planting Essences, from which crops will flourish. They work like magical seeds; you can plunder them from foes or get them from quests. They’ll hold useful items like stone and iron.

With a co-op game like Tribes of Midgard, broadening the pool of open players makes sense. So Norsfell and Gearbox have added cross-play to the game with this update. Of course, this implies being able to play on Steam, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store. But, of course, you’ll also be capable of teaming up to confront Hel from any platform. Use the brand-new cross-network tab to scour for other players. Cross-play is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you want to stay local. 

The rest of the update also contains multiple modifications and fixes, including things like crafting, brand-new recipes, armor, brand-new enemies, brand-new pets, balance changes, and much more.

Read the full patch notes over at Tribes of Midgard. 

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