Tree Of Savior Update Adding New Raid And New Strong Weapons

Tree Of Savior Update Adding New Raid And New Strong Weapons. 

MMOBEEP has heard that the game Tree of Savior is not dead. The game’s latest update has some a lot of brand-new things for max level players, including an all-new raid and some powerful weapons for the game’s many classes.

The raid happens in the White Witch Forest, a wintry landscape that assures some difficult challenges. The update brings the very first variation of this raid online. However, a Legend-tier version of the raid is likewise in the works that guarantee new ambushes to watch out for together with raised HP and strike values.

The update has additionally added eight new Vaivora weapons that can be located as rare drops in the episode 12 region. These new weapons are implied to be a few of the most potent pieces of the set in the game, providing some class-specific statistics that will likely be interesting to players. There are additionally various other updates like personal housing, modifications to episode mission structure, and a variety of skill adjustments for numerous classes. More info can be found in the patch notes.

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