Tower of Fantasy Makes Void Abyss Currently Available While Temporarily Shutting Down First Server Transfers

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Makes Void Abyss Currently Available While Temporarily Shutting Down First Server Transfers.

MMOBEEP found that Tower of Fantasy has recently added some new challenges, consisting of the Void Abyss mode. The team has also temporarily suspended the first band of server transfers after an unexpected problem.

The team originally reported server transfers would start on December 29th on a couple of servers, with a second round due to occur on January 10th, 2023, for the remaining servers. The goal was to have more beneficial player populations and less difficulty in maintaining the new content. However, a significant problem stopped the devs in their tracks, and the team will give out more information concerning the issue. There is still brand new content rolling out, though. Precisely, more endgame stuff to amuse you.

Void Abyss is here. This brand-new mode was just unlocked yesterday, January 1st. Progress will be wiped every month on the 1st, so the rewards will also vary, letting everyone begin anew and not feel like they’re being left behind.

To play the new mode, you have to achieve level 80 and complete the Void Rift. Once you’ve done that, you’re allowed to enter and queue up for the game mode. You’ll have to enlighten yourself with the brand new Abyssal Tech system when you’re in. This will provide you with passive buffs you can get for trading your resources. Also, you’ll have to trade said resources before you can even enter the Void Abyss. The types you can emanate buffs from are the standard ones you’d anticipate: attack, support, and defense. 

The Tower of Fantasy team has supplied a guide to help you take on the Void Abyss. This will tell you how gearing and buffs function, information on all the bosses you’ll encounter, and which tech will be unrestricted this month before things get wiped on February 1st.

To read the full guide to Void Abyss, you can head over to Tower of Fantasy.

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