Torchlight III Launch Date Is Coming Very Soon

Torchlight III Launch Date Is Coming Very Soon.  

MMOBEEP heard that just recently, Torchlight III has had an update on Steam. The team behind Torchlight III has teased how the video game is getting closer to be released.

The team is also working on several platforms that are to come for launch,

“We are getting closer and closer to that day and soon we’ll be revealing the details about the last wipe and a launch date. It’s taken several years to get to this point, and we are incredibly proud to bring the third installment of the Torchlight series to life.”

The article also reviews just how the community has been essential to growth as well as creation. This prolongs from business, end game updates, as well as beyond. Additionally, the update notes added that Early Access gifts have shown up. You can find these gifts in the mailbox.

Also, the post talks about some of the most reported and well-known problems, including:

  • Players are reporting that Charge Based Skills are not working correctly.
  • Players are reporting that Heat and Endurance gauges can get stuck.
  • Players have reported that Mimics are still not hidden via nameplates.
  • Railmasters are reporting problems with their trains, either disappearing or feeling clumsy.
  • Reports of forts disconnecting when placing objects like the Luck Tree or Grinding Mill.
  • Australian servers are still not up. We are getting very close!
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