Torchlight 3 Cursed Captain Summoner New Class Arrives Next Week


Torchlight 3 Cursed Captain Summoner Class Arrives Next Week.

MMOBEEP found out that Torchlight 3 will be receiving its very first summoner class when the spring update launches next week. The brand new class named the Cursed Captain is a ghostly pirate fastened in limbo with the capability to gather a crew of spectral buccaneers.

“Anchored in a state between life and death, the Cursed Captain remains true to its adventurous spirit. As an experienced captain of the seas, this corporeal spectre can summon a ghostly crew of swashbucklers and use the tools of the piracy trade to tackle combatants. The Cursed Captain utilizes their unique resource, Doubloons, which are collected mid-combat from monsters and treasures. In addition to the Cursed Captain’s new class-specific weapon (the cannon), its attire also includes a new class-specific armor type – capes.”

The spring update will also include over 40 new pets, pet UI adjustments, quality-of-life developments, and occurrence resetting. A precise date for the update’s release hasn’t been declared yet, but you can take a look at the Torchlight 3 Cursed Captain Summoner in the teaser video below.

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