Titan Reach Limited Pre-Alpha Early Access Starts On February 28

Titan Reach Limited Pre-Alpha Early Access

Titan Reach Limited Pre-Alpha Early Access Starts On February 28. 

MMOBEEP found out that even if it had a failed Kickstarter campaign and reports of a possible shut down because of a shortage of funding, Titan Reach would be released after all. 

In the latest update of the forthcoming indie MMO’s official site, developer Square Root Studios announces that they will be delivering the game into limited Pre-Alpha Early Access on February 28.

“As with all game development, we’ve faced some issues down the line which have slowed our development. While these delays are unfortunate, the end is now in sight, so we feel comfortable giving a launch date,” said Square Root.

Early Access will be restricted to 330 players and will totally be open to those who bought Access from the game’s official site. It likewise won’t be covered by an NDA, so players will be allowed to stream and devise content about the game as much as they want.

If you’re curious, you can buy the Early Access for $70 here.

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