The Team Behind Elder Scrolls Online Posts Devblog Regarding the Voiceover Process, From Scripts to Recording

Elder Scrolls Online

The Team Behind Elder Scrolls Online Posts Devblog Regarding the Voiceover Process, From Scripts to Recording

The Elder Scrolls Online team Recently Posted a Devblog Regarding the voiceover process, consisting of how they plan out the demand for voice acting, casting, and the recording process. 

ESO has always had voice acting since the choice was made to make it a full-voice MMORPG. This choice also possessed multiple prominent actors from the launch, something that the Elder Scrolls had accomplished before, but since then, there has been more than a decade of Brand-new updates, expansions, Brand-new chapters, and loads of story arcs.

Necrom is coming soon, but the consultation and behind-the-scenes deep dive deal with all things Elder Scrolls Online. VO lead, Becky Ichnoski, goes through the procedure, which can take months, to qualify for Brand-new content, record it, and add personality to many characters. We get that the game includes about 300,000 lines of voiceover dialogue in English alone.

First, the team should know what characters are required, how many, and what types of characters they are. “First, we jump into the game and play through the content. Things are a work in progress, but we want to get a feel for the quests and meet the characters ourselves,” says Ichnoski. After that, they do a bunch of auditions, but occasionally a writer has a particular actor in mind. For High Isle, the character of Dhulef was registered with prolific voice actor Phil LaMarr in mind, and he decided to take the role.

With notable actors like Billy Boyd, Laura Bailey, Bill Nighy, and LaMarr contributing to some of the more contemporary content, the whole blog and interview take us through the entire procedure. It’s a must for some who think just how things come together, particularly for a game with so many voiced lines and voiceover as a criterion.

Read the full dev blog and interview over at The Elder Scrolls Online.

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