The Repopulation introduces new items and crafting updates, fixes mission bugs, and adds new buildings, and signs 


The Repopulation introduces new items and crafting updates, fixes mission bugs and adds new buildings, and sings. 

MMOBEEP found out that the April update post for The Repopulation has been released. It has a handful of things to discuss, first is a handful of mission bug fixing in the newest release. This part will get some associated items in the mission rewards to disappear once a mission is accomplished and some fixes to some weapon graphics bugs.

The post discusses some art updates involving the last patch, with 96 new signs designed for the game and renewal for the Blue Hops Pub and the Inn in the FPR shopping area.

Lastly, the post describes various update plans for items and crafting. Items will get a blend of tiers and some improvements to tier status. Crafting will see changes to its training curve, crafters’ ability to restore items, produce and trade repair kits directly, and add a deconstruction mechanic for specific items. Development on these updates proceeds, with the devs first concentrating on the brand new item system for the next three months.

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