The Elder Scrolls Online The Cauldron Dungeon Showcased By Zenimax In Their Latest Video Preview Of Gates of Oblivion


The Elder Scrolls Online The Cauldron Dungeon Showcased By Zenimax In Their Latest Video Preview Of Gates of Oblivion. 

ZeniMax Online Studios continues the hype to the imminent Elder Scrolls Online Gates of Oblivion saga. It even has a sneak peek of The Cauldron dungeon, one of the two new dungeons arriving in the game with Ambition DLC’s Flames. The Cauldron will establish the scene for the Blackwood Chapter and the Gates of Oblivion’s year-long tale.

“Hidden within the eastern hills of Deshaan, a long-abandoned mine has become the site of cult activity, and Drathas, a local Dark Elf from a nearby village, needs your help to rescue his enslaved family. However, Drathas is not the only one interested in the mine, as the fan-favorite Dremora Lyranth has reason to explore its depths, too.

With both Lyranth and Drathas at your side, you must venture deep into the Cauldron, confront the Order of the Waking Flame, free their captives, and put a stop to the ritual at its heart.”

You will be gonna be fighting against several enemies in your journey to free the prisoners. These comprise Daedric beasts, ruthless cultists, strong Dremora soldiers, a few of the brand new bosses, and even the Daedric chieftain “Baron Zaudrus.”

The Cauldron dungeon will be a bit more complicated than previously-released dungeons, thanks to a few surprises that the developers chose to put in there.

“We have thrown a couple wrinkles into this dungeon that players haven’t seen before,” said Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan. “There are some new ways to accomplish goals that also incorporate levers that allow players to improve the challenge, hard mode aside. The final boss, in particular, Baron Zaudrus, is a frantic fight that really emphasizes movement and forces you to have your head on a swivel”.

Oblivion-themed accomplishments, collectibles, and equipment kits await players who triumphantly complete the brand new dungeon.

The Cauldron will appear alongside The Black Drake Villa dungeon when the Flames of Ambition DLC is released on March 8 on PC, Mac, Google Stadia, and March 16 for consoles. Flames of Ambition is currently live on the PTS if you want to take a look. The Blackwood Chapter itself will be launching on June 1. You might want to stay tuned for more Gates of Oblivion previews. You may also check out the Elder Scrolls Online official site for more info.

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