The Elder Scrolls Online Team Discusses Why Morrowind Was So Unique and Encouraging

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Team Discusses Why Morrowind Was So Unique and Encouraging.

The Elder Scrolls Online Returns to Morrowind, and the team at ZeniMax Online Studios have posted a Brand new video about the motivations taken from the game. Part one of the “Return to Morrowind” has been released, and the two-part series contemplates where ESO is heading and what the team is bearing from the past.

In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the game starts with you being freed from being detained. Then, you get to Seyda Neen, and things are odd, and the people are harsh and not exactly welcoming. 

Loremaster Michael Zenke states, “Morrowind has a particular aesthetic to it,” he says, and “the first thing that hit me…was just how real it was”. Project Art Director CJ Grebb resembles it when the kids enter Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for the first time, with “creativity and imagination on display in all directions.” The world’s weirdness and its components, from the giant mushrooms to the beasts, is still clearly outstanding.

With those feelings, it’s unsurprising that the team stays inspired by the game. One of the estates lies in making your player character with a chasm of options, which stays in ESO. It’s also not astonishing that, for some, the game was constructive in their journeys into game development.

Necrom, the subsequent major chapter, will be out in June. By now, if you’ve spent any attention to The Elder Scrolls Online in recent weeks, we’re going back into Morrowind and allowing players to explore the Dark Elf culture, the places and secrets, and the room returning to a familiar place in brand-new ways. 

For more, take a look at The Elder Scrolls Online Official Website.

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