The Elder Scrolls Online Have A Peek At The Stone Garden Dungeon

The Elder Scrolls Online Take A Peek At The Stone Garden Dungeon. 

The Stone Garden dungeon will be arriving soon as part of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Stonethorn DLC continues the trend of a 360 view around the Dungeon as confirmed by the most recent preview.

Unlike the last time we took a peek at the Stone Garden via a somewhat VR perspective, this sneak peek supplies a much more complete set as well as the challenges players will encounter. Expect all kinds of Dwemer tech, alchemically empowered Stone Husks, monsters, and also apprentices. 3 Bosses that can be found in either Normal Difficulty or in a much harder difficulty that can be enabled before the start of the Dungeon. Depending on the complexity of the Dungeon will give more rewards.

Speaking of rewards, players can eagerly anticipate prizes like three unique equipment sets, such as the Kraglen’s Howl medium set or a Stone Husk Monster mask. When combined with its shoulders, it causes high damaging strikes to produce a harmful tether that also enhances weapon damage. There are also brand-new collectibles, as well as new Achievements.

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