The Elder Scrolls Online Explorer Celebration Is Live Now


The Elder Scrolls Online Explorer Celebration Is Live Now.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Explorer’s Celebration is currently out and will run till October 22nd.

In Explorer’s Celebration, Players will be getting a bunch of bonuses for almost anything they can do to grow in ESO. Experience the improved loot from gathering nodes instead of fishing, more XP from everything, with that bonus piling with additional XP boosters you have. 

You’ll also obtain raised gold drops from slaying monsters, quest bonuses, and more, and now it is good to level up your characters or even make a new one to be prepared for the Deadlands DLC. 

The length of the event was also extended due to the community reaching 100% fulfillment of the assignments in the latest Bounties of Blackwood event, lengthening this brand new event to eight days. The last time this event went live, it only lasted a few days, so this time in appreciation for the community struggles, players will obtain some fresh extra XP and gold. This particular format of the Explorer’s Celebration is accessible to all in each quarter of Tamriel, notwithstanding state or if you bought any DLCs.

However, if you own Blackwood DLC, you may also obtain the prizes of the community’s commitment from the Crown store. This will comprise your free access to Deadlands when it is released on November 1st.

For more info, take a look at the official event page on the Elder Scrolls Online site.

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