The Division 2 Release This Coming September 22 Game 3rd Season Concealed Agenda The Summit And The Gear Transmog

The Division 2 Will Release This Coming September 22 Game 3rd Season Concealed Agenda The Summit And The Gear Transmog.

MMOBEEP found out that the newest update to The Division 2 will be arriving on Tuesday, September 22. Thus, it seems like a good time to summarize all of the things that are going to be included in the update. And that’s just what they did.

The biggest thing about the update is the game’s third season, Concealed Agenda, with new leagues, events, rewards, and a new Prime Target. The third season for Warlords of New York, meanwhile, will add the new SHD Exposed Global Event and a Last Resort Apparel Event. The other huge addition is the Summit, the new raid with 100 floors of enemies to kill, with difficulties ranging from Normal to Legendary and unique objectives to be completed. This new fantastic stuff is open to Warlords owners who have hit level 40 and have completed the New York campaign.

TU11 will also make Appearance Mods to let all players transmog their gear to look different but have the same stats. (but not their weapons or exotics), they have also added some new exotic items and gear sets for Warlords owners to grind for, and release the Discovery Mode of the Operation: Iron Horse raid to has been released to the public, which features less complicated mechanics and matchmaking features. Full patch notes will be posted in the official forums soon.

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