The Albion Online Publish The Release Date For Rise Of Avalon And New Referral Rewards.

The Albion Online Publish The Release Date For Rise Of Avalon And New Referral Rewards. 

If you have been expecting a new mount in Albion Online, you’re in luck. Yesterday, Sandbox Interactive announced the kick-off of the first referral season as well as rewards you can get from it, like a skin for your Direwolf mount. They additionally revealed the return of the Divine Challenges and also its accompanying Divine Owl mount.

As always, when players invite their friends to the game, they’ll receive numerous amount of rewards, including the Ironjaw Hyena mount skin. The skin can be used on the Direworld mount to turn it into an aggressive hyena. Various other invite rewards are heaps of tomes worth hundreds of thousands of fame. The invite period lasts up until October 1. So if you desire that mount skin, you’ll have till then to get it.

When it comes to the Divine Challenges That runs throughout August, throughout which time Players can earn points for open-world activities, and also potentially declare supernatural, white flying mounts the Divine Owl. The mount has a quick base movement speed and even the Insight ability. This ability tanks damage and also gives a short-term speed boost.

If that’s not enough for you, after that, you’ll additionally get to hear that the rise of Avalon will be published in less than two weeks, on August 12, bringing the Roads of Avalon update with it.

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