Test Patch In New Crowfall Brings New Mount Visuals And Pesistent Chests

Test Patch In New Crowfall Brings New Mount Visuals And Persistent Chests.  

MMOBEEP heard that Crowfall got a new patch for Tests just recently, including Mount visuals and persistent chests.

Regarding the Mount, as soon as you use the Mount, you’ll be riding the Mount you summoned. Additionally, brand-new Mounts were included like the Quarterhorse, Warhorse, and Nightmare. Also, you can currently leap off while mounted.

Persistent cheats were added for forts as well as keeps. These chests can be opened by the specific faction which rules them. This implies that if the faction changes, the contents of that chest will then become available to the other sections.

Additional changes in the patch talked about performance, campaign, crafting, UI, and a host of bug fixes. Specifically, concerning understanding, and several enhancements were laid out, including:

  • Performance Optimization continues to be a big priority, especially for massive battles.
  • It is reduced the hitch caused by entering the proximity of party members.
  • It was fixed an issue where Doober FXs appeared to multiply on new doobers.
  • It has optimized several world visuals, that includes campfires and resources.
  • Added texture streaming and lowered the size of many surfaces.
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